Happy Halloween!

Well, tonight was the last night of the Haunted House and it was INCREDIBLE! I’m going to post the pictures online tomorrow. I’m EXHAUSTED! We were SO busy tonight! We pulled in about $700 worth of donations for our hot food and the entrance fees! The kids activities went really, really well too! Everyday, my husband’s Soldiers find new and improved ways to impress me! I’m feel like this FRG is really going well! My life is moving in an extremely positive way. Suddenly, the pieces are all falling together and the puzzle is becoming clearer to me everyday!

Well, I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed. Ciao!

November is almost here!

I’ve been thinking that this month went by really fast, but then I was re-reading my blogs and that tells a different story, altogether! It’s interesting that way…how your mind tricks you…

I got some pictures from the haunted house the MPs were doing. It was good, but I still think ours is better! They scared me plenty, but I think I probably scared myself silly, too. My husband didn’t go through with me because he hurt his back yesterday and he didn’t want to cause it anymore damage. I donno, it doesn’t matter…lol

Anyway, there’s not much more to write about other than I need to go bake some cakes. Tomorrow I start my writing challenge for the next 30 days. I’ll let you know how that goes.


My day has barely begun

Well, today, I can honestly say that I have done some work. I finished writing the story about the volleyball team, but when I read it to Rob, he said, “Yeah, it sounds okay. How come you didn’t talk to any of the girls? That would have been better” Yeah, well…I’m still learning…and I’m stupid, okay?! I never OCCURRED to me to talk to them. They were practicing. Oh well. Nothing can be done about it now!

I need to start busting some butt on the FRG stuff. I need to get the newsletter put together and I still have the Haunted House this evening. Plus, on top of that, I need to go over to Pioneer and see the OTHER house! In addition to that, two of my ladies are in the hospital. One gave birth to her baby yesterday and the other…well, we’re still waiting for that one to make a presence…soon, hopefully. Well, I have a lot of work to do. I need to get off the ‘net for now and get busy.


New endevours

November is National Novel Writing Month and I am going to take the 30 day challenge to see what I can come up with. 50,000 words is all that you have to write. Check out this website for more details.


Hopefully, I can do this!. This just might be the motivation that I need to go ahead and get that novel written…now…what do I write about? I’m boring!

Running on pure exhaustion

This Haunted House is kicking my butt. We’re not advertised for the next two days, but everyone wants to go out and work this tonight. Uggh! I need a day off. I’ve been working on this for the last week and I’m dog-tired!

I had to run over to the high school today so that I could write a story about the Girls’ Volleyball team. Their season ends this weekend and this story is due tomorrow! Plus, I have to go to the MPs Haunted House they are putting on tomorrow evening so that I can get some pictures. I guess I’m gonna have to test out the camera settings over with our setup so that I get it right the first time and I won’t have to be out there all night long. I guess I’ll have to get a lot of pictures though. That’s a tall order.

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to do a whole lot. Well, anyway…blah…I’ve gotta go…

A Plant

Well, I’m the “Official Plant” of the Haunted House. I scare really easily and it doesn’t matter if I know what’s going to happen or not, I scream–LOUDLY! Everyone this evening was wondering if I was faking it. I responded with an emphatic NO! Lacy came out and poked me in the side as we’re on the way out of the haunted house and I jumped out of my skin. I literally jumped about 6 feet in the air and they were laughing afterwards!!

The funny thing is, the monsters LOVE scaring me! I don’t mind, either–or I wouldn’t keep going through. It’s just funny, anyway!

Well, I’m going to leave you for now, but just think of me screaming and you laughing at me and you’ll have had your dose of laughter today!


Daylight Savings ended

Today daylight savings ended and even though I remembered to send an e-mail reminding everyone about it, I failed to remember last night to change the clocks, so all day I’ve been thinking it’s later than it actually is. It wasn’t until I looked at my computer that I realized that the clocks went back! It’s only 3:15 instead of 4:15! LOL

Well, need to run to the commissary. More later!

What’s going on!

Tonight was the second night of the Haunted House. We did really well night! I can’t believe how many people were there! There was people from the MP unit that came down to get some food and check out the house. That impressed me, more than anything else! That must mean it’s good! We offered hot dogs in addition to the nachos we had from last night, and they were a huge success.

I can’t believe how well this is going! I’m thrilled! I just wish everyone from back home could come and visit this! I’m really proud of it!

Well, Rob said that he would come over to the couch and watch the Simpson’s with me as soon as I finished my blog, so I’m going to close for tonight. I’ll try and get some more pictures for you guys…but I didn’t have time to get pictures tonight, we were just too busy!


Haunted House 2

Today was the first night of the Haunted House. We did really well and we had a lot of fun doing it. Combined we made about $120. I got some pretty cool pictures of the inside. I know that I said I was going to wait until the house was over to put the video, but I think I’m going to put it in this blog. I just think it’s pretty cool. FYI: My screams are REAL! SGT Gonzalez really scared me! Hee hee! The trail could have been scarier, but the house itself, was pretty amazingly scary–and I’ve been working on it for 3 days–I was actually getting bored of it!

Laugh if you must, but the DVD turned out really well, and it looks professional. I got a lot of compliments on it! Well, I’m EXHAUSTED from today, so I’m going to leave you with some fun pictures. Have a good one!

This is the entrance into the scary rooms!

This is just a bat with some spiderwebs around it-not very scary to look at this picture, but VERY scary when you see the whole thing together!

These are a few of the silly Soldiers that were monsters in the Haunted House. They wanted their picture taken, so we did a group shot. No make-up, yet!

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great weekend! See you soon!

Post Secrets

The other day, Blogger featured Postsecret.blogspot.com and I thought it was so compelling that I bought two of the books. I read one in about an hour. I am almost finished with the 2nd one, but I couldn’t make it through the whole book. I started to cry. It’s amazing that I share the same secrets as so many other people.

I just finished watching some of the youtube videos on the website postsecretcommunity.com and I couldn’t get through them all. I can’t believe how compelling some of those stories are. I can just imagine…

I have so many secrets that I can’t decide which ones to write them down…and I can’t even think how to articulate some of them. I want to get the other 2 books, but I’ll wait a little while to order them. Well, anyway, that’s all for now. I can’t think of anything else to say, but if you read this, you should definitely go check out those pages. Honestly, you will find them compelling, too.