Fall has arrived in Germany

Well, it seems as though today has marked the end of summer here in Germany. Today is Labor Day and it’s raining hard today. All day it’s been raining. It’s not so bad. The dog won’t do his business, so I put him in the bathroom. Normally, I would consider tomorrow the first day of fall, except that the leaves on the trees have been changing colors and it’s been raining all summer long. I think we had exactly 2 weeks of very beautiful summer weather. There’s a reason why Germans don’t have air conditioners in their homes…they don’t need it.

Rob’s folding laundry and I just finished a load of dishes. I want to go see Ratatouille at the theater today. Why the heck not…it’s Labor Day.

I really don’t have anything to write about today. Nothing interesting has happened, but I wanted to feed whatever addiction I have towards blogging today. This is where I get to do that. I have felt a little withdrawal from myspace, but I’m glad that I’m not on there. It’s been 3 days since I’ve logged in. I’m proud of myself.

Lilo-kitty is sleeping in the spot that Gizmo normally sleeps in and so he’s walking around and seems distraught that his sleeping spot is occupied. He doesn’t know what to do. He wants to be in the land of the living, yet he’s used to just sleeping…and Lilo probably wishes she could be outside instead of inside sleeping…but she won’t go out. She doesn’t want to get wet.

The rain just keeps coming. I love the smell outside just when it begins to rain. The earth has a sweet smell and the blacktop has a dirty smell from all the motor oil that has dripped from engines. At first it starts out lightly, just enough to perfume the air with its sweet fragrance and then it starts to get a little harder and and harder and soon, you can see puddles form and the large drops of rain splash. From inside, you can see a steady stream of rain and the dark clouds that carry the rain to us. The Evergreen trees collect some of the moisture and from the needled branches you can see the collected raindrops drip. It is semi-dry under the trees and it’s a perfect hiding spot for some strange creatures that share this land with us.

You know what’s funny? I got an email from someone asking about a girl I went to high school with. She and I were never good friends. We attended the same church since we were very young and we were in the same class ever since junior high school. If we ran into each other we were polite and generally said hello. I’m not even sure how the girl got my email address anyway…at least not this particular one. I hardly ever use it, I just got it a few months ago and it was meant as an email address that didn’t have a silly name to it. So, anyway, I responded back and told her what I knew about her, although it’s just not that much. The thing is, I recognized a few of the other addresses and I knew that I was more likely than the rest of the those names to know anything about her. If I knew very little, these other guys probably don’t even remember her name….they would have to look in the yearbook (if they ever had one!) I didn’t give her too much information though. I don’t know this person. At first glace it almost looked like spam because of her name. I can’t believe that I even read the darned email…

Well, anyway, I’ve been at this for a while now. I better get off. I think I am procrastinating and I really need to get some stuff done. But I’ve blogged today and I feel relieved! Have a nice day and thanks for reading 🙂

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