What would you do?

Today has been a ride. I didn’t think that we would have problems this weekend, but there are always going to be issues. Last night Rob got a phone call about domestic violence (I’m going to say no more about this subject in this post) and this evening we found out that one of our Soldiers got taken to the hospital. Apparently, he got an infection due to a bug-bite on his arm and it progressively got worse. Now they’re going to do surgery on this guy tomorrow. He’s only been in Germany for a couple of weeks.

I suggested to Rob that we go ahead and go down and check this guy out. Not only is it nice, but this guy probably hasn’t made too much in the way of friends and might be scared because of the language barrier. We don’t know if anyone has gone down to check on him or not.

Part 2: We went down to see that soldier and only a couple his friends have come to see him in the last 2 days. I feel pretty bad for him. He doesn’t know what his own medical situation is because all of the nurses and doctors speak German and very little English. We were able to bring the necessities for him that he needed and I was glad that we could help. He had surgery today and doesn’t know a whole lot of what’s going on other than that. He was groggy but alert. I hope that everything works out with him and that he heals alright.

Well, thanks for reading 🙂

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