If you think that terrorist attacks can’t happen here in Germany, think again. Hanau and Ramstein were 2 of the targets.

Please read this story:


Some 300 police had tracked the suspects since December, when one of them was observed scouting out U.S. military barracks in the German city of Hanau, near Frankfurt.

Please stay vigilent and aware of your surroundings. Those OPSEC commercials are nothing to laugh about (even though the bunny, cat and mouse ones are really cute!)

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Well, I knew that when Rob was going to take command, I knew I’d see less of him. I was hoping that it wouldn’t be all the time. I walked to the shopping center today and I called him. No answer. So then, he shuts off his phone…grrrr. It would almost be easier if he were deployed because then at least I would be able to talk to him…lol it’s funny in an ironic sort of way, isn’t it?

Well, I don’t have a whole lot to say today. I’m going to sign off early.