The Gift

Lilo, my cat, goes outside occasionally. She’s really not supposed to, but it’s hard to keep an outdoor cat inside. She always comes home, though. Yesterday, she went out when I wasn’t looking. She went somewhere and came back just 30 minutes later. She was out at the balcony door and when I opened it to call her, she came in without noticing that she came in. Gizmo was sitting on the window ledge and I found her under the printer table. I shut the door and went back to bed. This morning when I woke up, I went outside to go smoke a cigarette and I looked down and there was a nice mouse laying at the door.

Lilo went out to the balcony to check things out and I asked her to stay there for the day. She’ll sleep on the chair or sit on the balcony edge and watch the world pass her by. Well, as soon as I saw the mouse that she was nudging closer towards me, I praised her, “What a good kitty” and “Thanks for the mouse.” I’m done with picking up her miscellaneous gifts and discarding them.

I know that the gifts that she leaves at the doorstep is a sign of respect and for us to see what a good huntress she really is, but it’s disgusting!

When we lived in Heidelberg and when Rob was deployed, Lilo always brought me things. Almost everyday, consistently she would bring a mouse or a bird. There were days that she brought significantly larger animals and I feared for the rabbits that lived just a few houses down. I guess that Lilo is putting the mouse population into check now and I just hope that she leaves those damn wild rabbits alone. They have diseases and something that is called Rabbit Fever to keep their population in check, since there are no natural predators here on base. I would hate for her to get sick.

Speaking of rabbits, almost all of the dogs here on base will chase the rabbits. No, not my dog. He chases cars instead and he’s almost been hit by a couple. Once by a careless driver who knew we were coming and we were behind her when she pulled out without looking and nearly runs all 3 of us over. Then, there was this time, when Casey and I were going to the vet and he chased one of the technicians in the lot and she pulled out really fast and I didn’t have time to reel the dog in. He was so interested, but I’m glad that she had an awareness of Casey from earlier that morning.

There’s nothing more to say today. I’m posting this and then I’m getting to work. I have tons of things that need to get done! Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Part 2: This evening Lilo got out and she brought me a live mousey-treat for me. I knew something was outside when my fat and lazy Gizmo went to the door and was fooling around. I couldn’t keep them both away from the door long enough for me to rescue that poor mouse. I wrapped him up in a paper towel and gently placed him in the dirt and told him that I was sorry that he was caught. I hope he was just scared and not injured and that he might find his nest again. He was a small mouse, which leads me to believe that Lilo found a whole bunch of them. Lucky me. I get to clean up mouse-guts until she tires of them (which, likely, will be when they are all dead or something bigger and more exciting comes along…) Well, that’s all I gotta say about that. Again, thanks for reading! 🙂

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