The mistake

Yesterday, while Rob and I were out shopping, I decided that we needed to get a bathroom scale since the one we had in Hanau pooped out on us.  I wasn’t too eager to replace it, as I don’t want to be reminded of how FAT I am.

Well, I weighed myself today!  Not good.  According to the scale, I’m at about the same weight I was when Rob deployed in Jan of 2006.  Then, for accuracy, I made Rob weigh himself and there’s just NO WAY he weighs what it says he weighs.  He’s LOST weight since he’s had this job!  He thinks it’s about 15 pounds off.  It must be.  I’ve been exercising regularly, been watching what I eat and everything.  My clothes even seem to be fitting better.  I just don’t understand it!  Maybe he’s right and the scale is off…but then that means that we just wasted $13.00 on a bathroom scale.  For shame.

I mean, I can’t very well take it back and complain that it’s not right…”Um yes, I would like to return this bathroom scale.”  “Yes ma’am.  Do you have your reciept?  Is there something wrong with the scale?”  “Well, yes, actually, I used it and it said I weighed too much.  It’s WRONG!”  They would LAUGH at me and say that DENIAL isn’t a river in Egypt behind my back or something!  Honestly, there are lots of other things I could have spent $13.00 on! Pthbbbbbbbbb!



FYI:  The scale is an analog (dial) scale and we have hardwood and tile floors throughout the house.  There is no carpet–unless you consider doormats carpeting–it’s strictly for the comfort of my dog and cat who like to lay there–not for the actual purpose of cleaning off one’s feet when returning from outdoors like normal people!  If we had bought the more expensive scale (digital) like I wanted, I would have a much less funny story to tell!  😉

5 thoughts on “The mistake

  1. Hi, I’m visiting through NCLM. Just wanted to share my commiserations with you and say I HATE it when scales are out, and you know you weigh more than they say. That sucks. And to think you lost money for the privilege. Pthhhhbbbb is right.

  2. Is it a digital or a regular scale? If digital buy a new battery for it to see if it makes it more accurate. Also, make sure its on some type of tile,or smooth flat area. I know our scale way off even when its on thin carpet, so we have to keep ours by our back door, next to the kitchen to accurate readings! lol

  3. It’s a little-known fact that there’s a “weight distortion field” around scales that causes them to display incorrect readings when women step on them. This is technology created by the fashion and fad-diet industries for their own nefarious purposes.

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