It was not meant to be…

Rob has to work late again tonight, so we won’t be going on date night after all.  I’m a little bit bummed, but I should have seen this coming.

I need to call and cancel.  That’s alright.  I should get most of tomorrow with him though, since it’s Sports Day.  I think it’s going to be an early day (though, I seriously doubt that it will), but at least we have the weekend.

We were going to go see his cousin who is coming to Germany over the weekend of the 4th, but that will also not be realized.  He’s leaving to go to the field on Sunday morning.  We’re going to meet Charcoal on Saturday for a few hours (who knows really how long!) and then, we’ll have to come home so that he can go to bed at an early hour.  Sometime during the course of the week, I’ll need to pack his bags for the field.  Yes, I pack his bags for him.  He likes me to do it.  I do it well.  He never gets it packed up the same way that I do–I’m much more efficient about it than he is about it.  I’m surprised he’s never left anything behind, all things considered.  I usually make him take an extra duffel bag so that he can get everything he left with!

Well, so much for a date night!  Oh well.

Thanks for reading!