I Am Legend

I watched this movie last night with my husband.  These aren’t the sort of movies that I typically rent from Netflix, but I have to admit I really enjoyed it.  It freaked me out near the end of the movie, though.  I screamed so hard that I jumped back into the couch.  I hurt my tailbone and wrist in the process of all this.  I stood up and felt so dizzy that I thought that I was going to throw up.  I didn’t luckily, but it was really amusing for my husband to watch this whole thing.  There was a loud ringing in my ears and seriously, I could barely stand up.  It was crazy!

So, do you have any Netflix recommendations for me of stuff like this, but won’t freak me out?  My husband was so glad to get a movie that wasn’t a chick-flick or something like this.  He and I seldom agree on movie selections, but we both watch each others movies–it’s called compromise!  Plus, I’ve seen some pretty good movies that I wouldn’t normally watch! 😉