We’re off like a heard of turtles

Well, it’s nearly 6 in the morning and I forgot to blog yesterday.  I was busy packing and stuff.  Rob got home at 9:30 and we had to drop off the dog at my friend’s house.

Rob got me up at 5 and I was not happy about this.  I decided that I’m not going to be taking my nice camera with me.  Apparently, Budapest can be pretty dangerous and I just don’t want to risk losing my camera.  I mean, if something happens to the little one, at least I won’t be out thousands of dollars and unable to replace the thing!

Gizmo is up stairs sleeping and he cuddled with us all night.  I think he’s liking the fact that Casey’s gone.  He gets undivided attention from us 🙂

Well, we’re off to hit the money machine and put gas in the car, so I hope that everyone has a great weekend and happy Father’s day if I don’t get a chance to post the rest of the weekend!