Fun with Animals

These are some fun photos of my pets. I haven’t posted any in a while and I thought you would be interested in seeing them. In these pictures, my bubbas are sleeping. Casey has to be next to me the whole time and Lilo has been more affectionate that in recent memory and has been insisting on sleeping on Rob’s feet. I think I move around too much for her to sleep on MY feet, but then, she’s always been Rob’s pet. She accepted me while he was deployed, but after she got used to him again, she decided she belonged to him again. It’s so funny because he hardly pays any attention to the cats. I’m the one who gives all the love to them. I make sure though, that each one of my pets gets a special moment with me. With Lilo, I lay down next to her while she’s sleeping and listen to her purr. Gizmo doesn’t purr too much, but I love to get him going. He requires very gentle touches and slow movements. Anything sudden and he’ll bolt. Anyway, these are just a few cute pictures 🙂

Is it just me?

Is it just me, or is the Christmas season moving farther and farther to the right every year? I can’t figure it out. It seems to me that Christmas around here was starting a few weeks early, but still in November. Now, the Christmas stuff here in Germany has been up since the beginning of October. As a matter of fact, they’ve been sell Christmas trees since July and they were 25% off this weekend. I couldn’t hold back my disapproval with the checker on Sunday (which was just a look on my face), even though it was a bit rude on my part. I did bite my tongue, however. I didn’t say what I was thinking, even though my facial expressions likely gave me away. I am an open book. Always have been! HAHA! I just thought it was interesting.

Well, that’s all for now folks. Thanks for reading!

PS: It snowed last night and a little bit today.


Oh my goodness, it’s been busy! Today has been filled with FRG stuff! I can’t believe it! This morning I had a Volunteer Recognition Ceremony and then I came home to work on the order of business–but wouldn’t you know it, the printer CRASHED! I’m so upset about that! I need that printer! I’m gonna have to get another one this weekend! UGH!–and then the FRG meeting this evening! It went really well! I can’t believe how well it went.

Other than that, it’s been a GREAT day! Well, that’s all for now, because I’m going to bed in a little while. Thanks for reading TTFN!

41 days!!!

Only 41 days until I get to see my family! I’ll be in the states in 35 days!!! I can’t believe it!!! I’m feeling pretty homesick these days (not like I have felt before, mind you!) but I can’t wait to have Christmas with my parents and listen to the crass stories that my dad will inevitably share after the meal’s complete and watching the parades in the morning! I hope Santa knows where to find me this year!! 😉

Sunday in Germany

Bleh! It’s raining and miserable today. There’s nothing open today. I’m thinking that I should go to the barracks and see what the single guys are up to and bring over the Wii and see if they wanna play! That could be fun! Or not…Rob doesn’t think that would be fun, but the guys said they’d love it!

Okay, well, yesterday, I got a subscription to Xanga. I’m not sure why I did, but I think I like the community a lot more than myspace. It’s more friendly than myspace. I’m keeping a little weblog there, but right now, I’m just having fun playing around with the themes and getting used to the site more than anything right now. I hope it doesn’t turn into another time-sucker though…we’ll see. Yesterday it definitely sucked my time, but there was nothing else going on here, so I don’t feel guilty!

Anyway, well, I’d better go!

3 Book Reviews

While I don’t normally review books that I’ve read, I think these novels deserve special attention!

The first one is called “The Choice” by Nicholas Sparks. It was an intriguing novel and only took me two nights to read. It typically takes me days if not a week to read because I generally do so at night, just before I go to bed. I couldn’t put this book DOWN. It was about the town of Beaufort, SC (the city in which my sister-in-law and brother currently reside). Not one mention of the fairly large military community that exists there! That was surprising, to say the least! Now, don’t misread me when I say that there’s a lot more to small southern towns than their military population, but considering that the town is FILLED with Marine and Navy retirees and not ONE mention of it is a shocker. True to his genre, Sparks wrote a love story. I think the reason that he’s so popular is because he is a male writing about romance.

The last book he wrote, “Dear John” was about a Soldier. I couldn’t finish it–and I’ve read EVERYTHING by this man. His novel was trite, at best, about the life of a Soldier. I couldn’t get past the fact that he was writing this from the perspective of a Soldier, which I thought would be good, but yet, he SUCKED at it! No Soldier would EVER talk the way the main character John Tyree would. NEVER EVER! Even if they were writing. Having been a Soldier myself, I know that for a fact. Even the most well behaved Soldier doesn’t talk the way Sparks wrote this character. I just couldn’t get past it and subsequently, I never got passed the 4th or 5th chapter. It was disappointing to read, at best. Perhaps someone who has never been associated with the military would enjoy it, but not I.

Next novel I would like to talk about is Playing For Pizza. While I have only been reading it for one night, I am confident that I will finish the book this evening. It starts off with a Super Bowl player from the Cleveland Browns and they were playing against the Denver Broncos. I didn’t know that when I picked up the novel and I was excited to read it! Eventually, the novel moves into Italy and that was fascinating for me. So far, I’ve enjoyed reading this book and HIGHLY recommend this novel for John Grisham fans. The book is well written and edited. I can’t wait to finish the book and at this juncture, I highly recommend picking up the book. If $16 is too much, I’m sure that a copy can be found at your local library!

Well, that’s all for now. If I get a good response on this post, I might continue to do book reviews. We’ll see how this goes over. Thanks for reading!

What’s up with the wallpaper!?

You’re probably wondering why I’ve put up a Christmas wallpaper and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I’m not exactly sure, except that I know that I’m ready for Christmas leave and go home! I haven’t been home for Christmas since 2003! I’m really looking forward to it! I guess that’s why I put it up already!

Anyway, just thought I’d make a comment on it!

League Night

Well, tonight was league night and I didn’t bowl incredibly well, but it was respectable. I bowled a 113 the first game, 157 the 2nd and 103 the 3rd. We split the points, thankfully! Part of the reason I was bowling so poorly in the 3rd game was because the team captain from the opposing team decided that she wanted to tell ME how to bowl! I’m still pretty upset about it. The only people that get to tell me how to bowl are my teammates and my daddy! That’s it! GRRRRR! I shouldn’t be upset about it, but I am.

Next week is Position Round, so I can’t go to the Hail and Farewell with my hubby! He completely understands, though. He knows that this is the one thing that I really enjoy doing and he’s not going to stop me. He knows that I would give it up any other night–but since on Position Round nights there are no substitutes allowed, I really should bowl. Not to mention the fact that we’re headed to Garmish over Thanksgiving, so I’m going to miss that week any old way.

Well, other than that, nothing much going on. I have to get busy getting some stuff done. Plus, I need to get to bed. I feel really tired tonight. Tschuss!


My husband recommended me for a volunteer award which I wasn’t expecting! I nominated 3 ladies and I was required to be in attendance anyway because I’m an FRG Leader, so I didn’t know that he nominated me for an award until his boss called him this evening and Rob said, “Yes, all four of our nominees will be attending.” Four? I asked. Who else did you nominate? He listed off the names and paused before he said, “…and you…” ME?! I told him that I didn’t want to be nominated because I wanted my ladies to get the recognition. I don’t do my job because I think that I’m going to get awards or recognition out of it! I do my job because I love my Ohana and my ladies and getting the information out is my top priority. So, I drill him more about what his justification was and he won’t tell me. He said, “You’ll hear about it at the ceremony on Tuesday.” Grrr!

Well, I thanked him and now I’m going to finish watching this movie. Thanks for reading!