League Night

Well, tonight was league night and I didn’t bowl incredibly well, but it was respectable. I bowled a 113 the first game, 157 the 2nd and 103 the 3rd. We split the points, thankfully! Part of the reason I was bowling so poorly in the 3rd game was because the team captain from the opposing team decided that she wanted to tell ME how to bowl! I’m still pretty upset about it. The only people that get to tell me how to bowl are my teammates and my daddy! That’s it! GRRRRR! I shouldn’t be upset about it, but I am.

Next week is Position Round, so I can’t go to the Hail and Farewell with my hubby! He completely understands, though. He knows that this is the one thing that I really enjoy doing and he’s not going to stop me. He knows that I would give it up any other night–but since on Position Round nights there are no substitutes allowed, I really should bowl. Not to mention the fact that we’re headed to Garmish over Thanksgiving, so I’m going to miss that week any old way.

Well, other than that, nothing much going on. I have to get busy getting some stuff done. Plus, I need to get to bed. I feel really tired tonight. Tschuss!

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