My husband recommended me for a volunteer award which I wasn’t expecting! I nominated 3 ladies and I was required to be in attendance anyway because I’m an FRG Leader, so I didn’t know that he nominated me for an award until his boss called him this evening and Rob said, “Yes, all four of our nominees will be attending.” Four? I asked. Who else did you nominate? He listed off the names and paused before he said, “…and you…” ME?! I told him that I didn’t want to be nominated because I wanted my ladies to get the recognition. I don’t do my job because I think that I’m going to get awards or recognition out of it! I do my job because I love my Ohana and my ladies and getting the information out is my top priority. So, I drill him more about what his justification was and he won’t tell me. He said, “You’ll hear about it at the ceremony on Tuesday.” Grrr!

Well, I thanked him and now I’m going to finish watching this movie. Thanks for reading!

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