Sunday in Germany

Bleh! It’s raining and miserable today. There’s nothing open today. I’m thinking that I should go to the barracks and see what the single guys are up to and bring over the Wii and see if they wanna play! That could be fun! Or not…Rob doesn’t think that would be fun, but the guys said they’d love it!

Okay, well, yesterday, I got a subscription to Xanga. I’m not sure why I did, but I think I like the community a lot more than myspace. It’s more friendly than myspace. I’m keeping a little weblog there, but right now, I’m just having fun playing around with the themes and getting used to the site more than anything right now. I hope it doesn’t turn into another time-sucker though…we’ll see. Yesterday it definitely sucked my time, but there was nothing else going on here, so I don’t feel guilty!

Anyway, well, I’d better go!