Big Doings

Yeah, one would think with a title like that, that I might have something to report about, but alas, I don’t. Maybe I should title this “Little Doings”, but I like to be contrary sometimes…if not all the time! Haha! For some really weird reason, I like to argue…not fight. I can hear my mother’s voice ringing in my ear now…and my dad’s…and on and on and on…to include Rob’s! “Why do you like to argue with me?” he says to me at least once a day. “I’m not arguing,” I’ll say. “See, you’re arguing now!!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that conversation with people. More than I care to think about, for sure.

I was up until 6:30 this morning playing Sims2. They have a new expansion pack out called Bon Voyage and when I play this game, time eludes me. I had no idea it was so late until I looked up from the computer screen and realized that they had Yoga on TV. I knew it was really early then because I’ve only seen that show once, and that was when Rob went to the field the first time and he woke me up at 3:30 in the morning and I was wide awake.

I didn’t sleep too late today, though. A couple of my neighbors wanted a kitten and I found a guy who works at the Fire Station just down the street who had 4 of them to give away. I know that one neighbor was super excited because she was out the door at least a few minutes before I was. She had to go home and get her hubby because she couldn’t decide which kitten to take. The other neighbor wasn’t home. I’m checking every couple of hours to see when their car pulls in so I can take her and her kids down there to get one. They were SOOO cute. I really wanted to take one home, but I know how Rob feels about it and he believes that Lilo will come home when it becomes colder.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my cat is either gone or dead. Though, I have to say, things are a lot more peaceful without her and there are no fighting animals! Casey and Gizmo get along just fine, though Casey’s learning how to play with him. This morning I caught Gizmo eating the dog’s food. I wonder why he did that, because trust me, he has more than enough food in his bowl! Casey was laying on the floor playing with Winnie the Pooh and there goes Gizmo to Casey’s bowl and started to help himself. I asked him why he was eating Casey’s food when he had plenty of his own and then Casey was like, “Hey! That’s mine!” and walked over and started to eat.

When I was a teenager, I had a dog and my brother had a cat. The dog frequently got into the cat’s food, but that was more to irritate TJ more than anything. When TJ got really sick, Raggs would wait until TJ was watching him and would take a couple of bites of the food…to get TJ to eat. The vet thought that was sweet. He said that Raggs knew there was something wrong with the cat when he wouldn’t eat. Turned out, TJ had this weird digestive problem and when he ate, it made him sick, but he was getting sicker because he wouldn’t eat. It was cyclical. The day that my brother got back from Basic Training, TJ was so ill that we had to take him to the Emergency Vet and we had to put him down. I cried that night. I was with my dad. Jerry was out with his friends. 6 months later, Raggs got really sick and had to be put down. Dad was alone that day. He was taking care of my Dolli, and still is. I don’t know if Gizmo was trying to irk Casey, but the story reminds me of my other pets.

Okay, so enough rambling. I should go. Lots to do. Need to put together the FRG Newsletter! Ciao!

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