Do no harm

I know that is the oath that doctors make when they become doctors, but I can’t help but feel that way, too. It’s so sad because at league tonight, my leadership abilities are being tested to the max and it’s a tough decision that I don’t want to make. How do you tell your friends “no”? This is the reason that I didn’t want to be team captain to begin with. I didn’t want the job, but no one else did either. It was easy enough though, at first, all I had to do is sign my name on the sheet at the end of the games and make sure that everyone has paid their dues. It was just that easy until this evening.

One of my bowlers was in the field for the last two weeks. There is another bowler that is on my team because the guy who is in the field BEGGED him to join. There is my American friend who has lived in Germany for 30-some years and then there is the retiree. I’m the only woman on the team and we have mixed league, so at least one person from the opposite sex must bowl. Since there are 4 guys and myself, I pretty much have to bowl every week (no problem for me, I love bowling!)

Well, the retiree was working at the bowling alley as a pin-monkey and was only supposed to be a temporary sub, but on our team roster-basically to fill in for the soldier. Well, he comes up to me tonight and says that he wants to bowl every week now and the guy who was begged to join said, “If I don’t bowl every week, I don’t bowl at all” I don’t like ultimatums…I really, really don’t. Then there’s the other guy that’s been in Germany and he’s pretty easy going and he’ll just go with the punches.

The original team was me, the American guy, the soldier and I told the retiree to join us (which he did, basically on a contingency basis [though he was already trying to work it out with his boss so that he could have Friday’s off]) and now I have to decide what the solution is going to be.

A few of things have come to my head:
1) the extra bowler can just leave our team and join another team that needs a bowler.
2)I can make a roster and rotate the guys
3)I can say “Low man out” meaning that the one who scores the lowest in the series of 3 games will have to sit out the next week.

I really don’t know what to do, because no matter what, someone’s feelings are going to get hurt and I don’t want that, at all. I like all of my bowlers and I couldn’t care less how well or poor a person bowls. It’s about fun and this is not fun for me, right now. I don’t think they understand what they’re putting me through.

I can’t talk to the soldier because he’s in the field and I never got his phone number after his first games. I’m so torn right now that I actually feel pain in my chest and sorrow in my heart. I can’t bring myself to cry, not that it would actually help the situation, but only make me feel worse, so I guess I’m glad that I can’t cry. This is awful.

As for the bowling, I did poorly. 106, 130, 102. I had other things on my mind the first and last games. I’m really upset about this. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Well, I better go. It’s 1130 and I should get some rest. Thank goodness I can sleep late, that is, if Casey will allow it 😉

Well, TTFN and thanks for reading.

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