Feeling pretty good

Yesterday, I went out with the Army Community Services here in Hanau to take a trip downtown and learn where the buses go and learn a little bit about the trips that the ACS takes with new family members. It was really cool. I hadn’t seen the farmer’s market in Hanau until yesterday, so it was pretty darned cool. I was also able to talk to the Family Advocacy program manager about a concern I had about the community and hopefully things will change. I know change doesn’t come fast in the Army world, but at least the boulder is wobbling now. Once it’s rolling though, it’ll gain momentum! At least it’s wobbling! I am feeling pretty good about that!

Today I had PWOC and that was nice. This is a different kind of Bible class than I’ve ever had before, but it’ll be a good experience, I think. It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve done Bible study, so I don’t have a lot to base this on, other than what I remember as a kid.

Anyway, I should get going. I’ve got laundry going and I’d like to get this living room straightened up a bit before Rob gets home. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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