The Never ending day

It has been non-stop in my house all day long. First, it was the dog wanting to go outside at 6 am and then we all went back to bed. We got up around 8:30 and the phone didn’t stop ringing. Actually, it’s not ringing right now, but I fully expect it to…lol

But it turns out that my story is going to be published, it was only *slightly* changed. I’m not sweating it. I’m actually really happy they liked my story. I personally liked it a little better the way I had written it, but what are ya gonna do?

Then, it seemed like there was a crisis with the FRG every where I turned around. It’s okay now, and we were able to get everything worked out just fine and everyone is doing well and is happy (mostly).

Rob and I have been invited to go to dinner at a neighbors house this evening and I think they wanted to go bowling, but I have to say, I’m pretty damned tired. I would fall asleep right here, if I could. Casey is crashed out on the couch and Gizmo is sleeping on his perch. Lilo still hasn’t shown her face and this morning I looked out on the balcony and I saw the BOS (they do all the repair work and other miscellaneous jobs around the installations) and I thought he was getting dead animals, but no, he was putting up fencing around the CDC. I walked over to him and I almost asked him if he was picking up dead animals, but I thought better of it and just watched him for a moment until I realized what it was that he was doing. I really miss her. I want my cat back. It’s now been 5 days. I called the Vet clinic so they know what’s up and I called the company that we have her chip registered with to put the alert on her. I’ve done everything short of making fliers. I don’t know if I should or not. Here’s my theory: If someone is taking care of her, then they want a cat. I just hope that she’s being taken care of well. I would hate for her to be mistreated or if she decides that she has a new home, that she doesn’t get left behind. We’ve been very good to her and she’s always come home and she’s always been well fed. I don’t like to think of the other scenario–that she’s dead. Just typing those words makes my heart heavy and my eyes water.

Well, I don’t know what else to say other than I just need to get going for a little while. Rob’s going to be home soon and I’ve done nothing around to get this place clean, of course, I have been working all day.


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