>Journey to the last weekend…

>Okay, so I went back an re-read my posts…it would seem that I am a drama queen.  But I really am not! Nonetheless, my husband REALLY is leaving soon.  As in a couple of days, soon.  This is the weekend that my husband gets to decide most everything that is going to happen.  I don’t know what he wants to do or if there is anything in store, but no matter what it is that he wants to do, we’re gonna do it…this should be interesting…

I don’t know how the dogs are going to take it, but I know they know that something is up, especially Codi, my big baby of a Labrador…I can totally tell that he knows that something’s up…my little Cavvie…he’s mentally retarded…he doesn’t know anything…poor guy…

Well, I’ve got things to accomplish even if it is 10:15 at night…

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