>The Journey of the 1st day

>Well, today has been my first day more or less alone.  It went fairly well.  I cried over a cup of coffee this morning.  I could barely tell the gal who makes them at the Coffee Cart what it was that I wanted.  I had already started to tear up.  I don’t know why that is, exactly because that wasn’t ever something R and I ever did together.  Thank goodness she knows what I get and was able to finish the sentence.  Maybe it was the look she gave me…the “puppy-dog-eyes” if you will…

Then, I get someone knocking on my door asking if I have any yard work that needs to be done and that he would do it for cheap.  I was like, yeah, I have work for you!  He said he’d do it for $15…but the work I needed done is worth quite a bit more and I will pay him for what I think it is worth.  I am going to get his phone number and pass the word along because you have got to hand it to the man–he is recently laid off and looking for work EVERYWHERE!  The fact that he is a forward-thinking, hard working guy tells me that he won’t be unemployed for too long!  He told me that he has some bills to pay off and needs the money.  He hasn’t been late on anything yet and doesn’t plan to be!  My heart goes out to him!  If I can help him in anyway, I will!

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