Getting the plan together

Well, we have more information about what’s going to be happening early next year, but I’m not sure that Rob really wants me to post it on the blog just yet.  As soon as we get more information and Rob gives the green light to let everyone know what the deal is, I’ll let you know.

Today is Halloween and Rob wants to dress up for the kiddies that come by for Trick or Treats, but we don’t have any costumes.  I’ve never dressed up to give out candy…lol  We’re also going to watch The Shining.  Rob got a gift certificate from my brother and sister in law for his birthday and one of the things he got was that movie.  It’s about 1 of 3 scary movies I’ll sit down and watch!!!!

In addition, we’re going to Bitburg to pick up the Mini tomorrow.  Woohoo!  Very excited about this!!!  Pictures to come!!! 🙂  This I can promise, even though I’ve been promising for months now to put up more pictures of Codiak and Casey and I haven’t done it.  I know, I’m a slacker!

A few weeks ago, I fell down the stairs (big surprise, Amber falls down the stairs!!!) and I was carrying my computer when I fell.  I hurt my tailbone pretty bad, but I also broke my nice computer.  It was working (kind of) but just barely and finally yesterday, it died, so now I’m using this really small, very old computer that I got right after we moved to Germany 4 years ago.  Nothing on it has been updated in 2 years, so it took a long time to get this computer on-line and everything working properly.  The last time I used this computer was right after Rob came back from Iraq and we took it with us on our trip to Spain and Portugal.  It wasn’t so that I could get on the Internet, but as a storage unit for all the photographs that I took while we were traveling.

It seems to be working, but I really miss my other one, so I really hope that we can get it fixed fairly soon.  The keys on this computer type differently than the other one and there’s no separate number pad (which I used frequently!)  At least the mouse-pad on this computer isn’t as sensitive as the other one!!

Anyway, better be going for now.  Gotta lotta stuff to get done today and I think I’m a bit hungry!  TTFN

2 thoughts on “Getting the plan together

  1. Dennis the Vizsla says:

    Glad you’re okay after your tumble — too bad the same can’t be said about your computer! I’m accident prone too but I’ve managed not to fall down the stairs … yet.

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