Praying for snow

Yes, yes I am.  I miss snow.  There hasn’t been a snow storm here in quite a long time.  We got a fluffy snow on Easter this year…but I want a fall snow!

I was really disappointed when it didn’t snow on Halloween!!!!

Oh well.  Maybe my prayers will be answered soon!!!!

3 thoughts on “Praying for snow

  1. Amy Paden says:

    It’s November 3rd and its going to be 70 in Dayton today… There is something majorly wrong with that! I’ve been longing for snow-even just flurries for a month now!

  2. SHHHHHHHHH!!!! Mother Nature might hear you and think it’s someone from my area wishing for it. I’m not ready for snow yet…and it’s in the forecast for Thursday. 😦

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