Rob’s Birthday BIG #40

This was written by my FiL (Dad) and I wanted to share (hey!  that rhymed!)

This is really  hard to say
That Rob will be 40 today

It was his days playing football that was really a blast
He did a good job at blocking but he never ran fast

In the band a trumpet he blew
When he made first chair Jennifer cried boo-hoo

His grades were great and off to college he’d go
It surely cost us a lot of dough

When graduation came we knew it was worth it all
When is standing there proud and tall

After a few years to Key West he would go
He wanted to get away from the cold and the snow

When he came back home pizza was his game
It didn’t last long we think Pizza Hut was to blame

We were surprised to hear that he was choosing  the Army as his career
His Mom and Dad both shed a tear

The he met Amber and everything is great
We believe that it was truly fate

We’re proud of our son and the accomplishments he’s had
We give you our love from both Mom and Dad


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