Cell Phones for Soldiers

How many times do you open a box of stuff that you’ve ordered on-line and just thrown away the advertisements?  Today, I opened the box of DVDs that my husband ordered.  I never give much thought to the ads that are inside the package–until today.

There were 2 coupons for new sandwiches at McDonald’s (which 1.  They don’t have the same sandwiches here in Germany that they do in the US and 2.  I don’t like to eat at McDonald’s!), there was a coupon for some prepackaged meat (which I may have to use since Rob loves lunch meat sandwiches) and then there was this curious plastic ad.

I gently pulled it out and there was a drawing of a Soldier wearing a kevlar helmet on a radio.  I read further and I realized that this was for cell phone donation for Soldiers, so they can call home!  I turned it over and it’s a mailer so you can send your phones in.  There’s a web address so, I go and visit it.  www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com.

Now, I’m thinking, wow!  I actually got something worth keeping (until I can find Rob and I’s old cells)–worth reading about and worth passing on!  If you go to the website, you can print off a label and you don’t have to pay for shipping, but come on, cell phones don’t weigh much–you can pay for the shipping yourself (it’s not going to be too much) and then more money can be put into the program to help our troops!

What this program is:  It’s a cell-phone recycling movement.  They sell the donated cell phones for money and then they use that money to buy calling cards for the Soldiers who are overseas.  This program was started by two ‘tween children who are now 15 and 16 years old.  AT & T got on board and they donated about $300,000 dollars worth of calling cards for the troops!!!  It’s amazing.

I know you all have a least one phone that you don’t use anymore, so what are you waiting for?  Donate it to our troops (and pay the shipping costs yourself–if you can)!

Get the word out and watch the videos on the webpage.  They made me cry!

10 thoughts on “Cell Phones for Soldiers

  1. That is so cool! We use our cell phones until they wear out though. When one breaks I hand mine down and get a new one-lol. Notice it is me-haha! My Mom and Dad are on my plan and I pay the bill so I think it is only fair that I get the new one-lol!

  2. I just got two of these in one of my packages today. My question is…my old phone is still linked to my current number and if I use it I still get charged. Do they wipe them? I love this idea because soldiers totally need them.

  3. damn good idea. I’ve got a couple of phones around the house, I’m going to donate them. Of course, they ought to go to a girl though because I sorta added some rhinestones to them… 🙂 Yes, I like bling! ha!

    Oh, to the previous poster, take out your SIM card and all your info will be stored on that and the new owner of the phone will just get a new SIM card w/ their phone number. No worries!

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