My poor animals.  While I was upstairs checking on Gizmo, Casey pee’d on the floor.  It was bright red.  I immediately called the vet and I found a local vet who speaks English less than a half a mile away from my house.  I took Casey in and you wouldn’t know he was sick by looking at him, but the assistant took his temperature and while my German is extremely poor, I understood that she was saying that his temperature was high.  I know the word for “normal”!  It’s the same word, just pronounced differently.  Kind of like “Norm-Mal” (mal pronounced the same way that we pronounce “mall”).  She didn’t say that word.  She said, “haut” which is hot.  His temperature was almost 40 degrees C (104 degrees F) Casey has to go back tomorrow morning, along with Gizmo.  They need to make sure that Casey’s fever is down.  I know Gizmo’s a little warm, too.  Cranky as ever, too.  I’m not EVEN going to try to take his temperature.  He already scratched me pretty good earlier!

So, Casey got two shots today.  One for the fever and the other for the infection.  I had to call the people that kept Casey over the weekend, so that they know that he is sick.  He was probably already sick before the weekend.  My theory is the blood in the urine probably manifests after the infection’s been there a while.  At least this is getting taken care of now before we introduce a new puppy into the mix of things!  Ack!

Well, I’ll let you know how Casey’s doing later.  Both animals are currently sleeping and that means I can get some stuff done around here!!  TTFN!

8 thoughts on “Casey

  1. textyladies says:

    Poor things! I hope they’re both feeling better soon! Does Gizmo act up if you touch or go near any certain part of his body?

    ~ Pamela

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