I almost forgot to blog today!  Been rather busy.  I got my passport situation taken care of (Phew!) and I had the FRG meeting today.  If you’re wondering how it went…it didn’t!  No one showed up!  I brought 2 pizzas, soda and hot wings and NO ONE showed!  What a huge disappointment.

Then, after about an hour or so, I’m still there because my husband still has work to do, I stand around and do nothing.  I mean, literally nothing.  Rob needs his concentration, so I couldn’t talk to him and I wandered around pacing.  Then, one of my ladies comes by to bring her husband food because he has to be there overnight for CQ watch and it turns out that she’s most likely pregnant.  The funny thing was, I was thinking on the way to what I thought was going to be a meeting, all the women in this battery are fertile-myrtles!  And then I see her and she tells me that she just was in the ER because she thought that she might be pg–and she is!  I just know it.  I’m rarely wrong about these sorts of things.  I usually know *someone’s* pregnant, I just don’t always know who exactly.  Take my cousin for example, around the time she found out, I had that feeling again.  I’m not saying that I’m psychic–but this sort of thing I’m attuned to.  My mom is pretty much the same way.  She’s not good at guessing genders though.  Bad track record for that.  If my mom thinks it’s a boy, it’s almost always a girl and visa versa.

Well, anyway, I was just upstairs reading and Gizmo came to cuddle with me.  When he left I got up to go to the bathroom and then I remembered that I didn’t blog yet–so here I am!

Anyway, tomorrow, Rob may head to Hanau and I might go with him.  I think he needs help getting that place cleaned up and I offered, so we’ll see if he takes me up on the offer.  When I offered this evening for the first time he was like, “Well, it won’t make a difference” and then I mentioned it again and he said, “I don’t have enough people” and then I told him a third time, but this time I got pissy about it and said to him, “Another pair of hands WILL make a difference and if you don’t have enough people then why don’t you let me go and help you, then you will have one more person to help get it taken care of.” I did not say this nicely mind you (but that’s pretty much what I said).  So, he says, “Alright.  If I go down tomorrow, you can come with me, if you want–if there’s time”  GRRR!  Men!  I know that this move has been hard on him, but he won’t even let me HELP him.  All he does is complain about stuff not getting done and then I tell him to get mean and nasty with these people and he STILL won’t.  That’s the most frustrating part.  He wants to be nice and stuff, but I don’t know why he doesn’t threaten a little bit more.  It doesn’t make any sense to me!

Oh well.  Enough ranting.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Oppps!

  1. textyladies says:

    Hi Amber! Stop by textyladies! You won my One Night With You book contest, so I’ll need an email addy to send you the file, plus I’d like to speak with you 🙂

  2. That’s crappy that no one showed for your meeting. Men are rather stubborn: My husband does the same as yours, complains no one will help, but ignores my offers of help.

    Here via NCLM

  3. Hey there! Sorry about the FRG meeting. Ours is the same way! It’s very frustrating & actually pisses me off sometimes. I’ve tried to arrange a “coffee” for I don’t know how long, but noone seems interested. Oh well, what can you do?

    I hope your husband decided to take you up on the offer 🙂

    Take care!

  4. M says:

    Too bad that no one showed up at the meeting!

    I hope your husband decided to accept your help!

    Enjoy your trip to Budapest. I’m glad that your passport situation got all worked out, too. :D:D:D

    (Here from NCLM)

  5. What if you contact people with a survey of some kind to find out what it is they’re interested in/what would get them to meet? do they want pizza? An activity? A van tour around the area?

    I would have shied away from a ‘coffee,” myself, when Ian was in the Army. It sounds too much like a bunch of women getting together for tea, and I’m not that kind of girl. But something different, something that offers activity WHILE talking, might have had more of a draw. It’s less awkward. (Just a thought! I’m sorry no one showed up, especially after you took the time to put it together.)

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