C is for…

C is for Casey and Cat.  🙂  Gizmo and Casey have been playing all morning long.  Gizmo has actually been purring all morning and I can’t give him enough attention today.

Casey’s doing alright, but I’m still waiting for the Vet in Frankfurt to call me back.  I don’t know what his thoughts are about the surgery that they were talking about here in Kaiserslautern.

Rob had a heck of week last week and it was exacerbated by the fact that Casey’s been hurt—things take longer and Casey can’t be left along, so extra consideration has been made.

Hopefully, this week will be better for him.  I think it’s shaping up to be that way.  He says he’s feeling a little depressed and I don’t know what I can do to help him other than try to keep his mind off of it.  (which I think I did a pretty good job of that this weekend.  We watched Friends re-runs all weekend!)

Rob has to spend the next 4-6 weeks in Hanau as the unit is preparing to move, so I will only get to see him on the weekends.  I guess that’s better than a deployment!  It kinda stinks though because he really doesn’t have a reason to leave the office, (and trust me when I say this) he won’t–except to sleep.  I hope he at least eats something, every now and again.  Poor guy!

C is also for caught.  Rob got a ticket for speeding 10km over the speed limit.  They have little cameras set up in random places in Germany (especially where there is a military presence) to catch speeders.  That so did not help Rob’s mood!  As a matter of fact, I was pointing at the camera telling him to be careful when it flashed–and boy was it bright.  There was no mistake about it.  Rob DEFINITELY got a ticket.  We’ll see it in the mail in 6-8 weeks-yes, they take that long to process!!!

Well, nothing else is going on…nothing new to report!  I’ll keep you posted!!!

4 thoughts on “C is for…

  1. I have a lady in one of my classes, and she was stationed in Germany for awhile (she’s 35, I think) and she said that the only speeding tickets she ever got was while she was in Germany.

    Praying for you, your hubby & furbabies, that this week is a smoother week.

  2. I sure hope your week takes a turn for the better! I’ll keep your family in my prayers.

    Thank you for continuing to read my blog and my crazy letters to myself. 🙂

  3. Oh, I forgot to say that I hope you do mind that I’ve added you to the blogroll at the group blog that I’m setting up. I know that other people would want to read your blog because it’s full of warmth, humor, and love. 🙂

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