B is for…

B is for birthday! Today is Casey’s first birthday! And oh what a day it’ll be! No, not really. After Casey got hit by the car on Sunday the 6th, there hasn’t been too much running around for him. As it is, he’s confined to his kennel for the majority of the time. He is, of course, none-too-thrilled about this prospect. We got a little pheremone humidifier and it actually works! He’s so calm, that I wonder if I have the right dog! He has to take 4 pills a day for pain. He’s quite a trooper. He never really cries or whimpers, so unless he yelps, I really don’t have any idea how much pain he really is in. I’m amazed, though!

The other word that B is for is bad day! Rob is having the day from hell today. He’s got a meeting at 9 AM with his boss. You know that nothing good comes from early morning meetings when everything went wrong for you the day before. I just hope I’m not just being pessimistic about it!

Well, that’s it for today. Nothing new to report for now. Thanks for reading and have a good day!

3 thoughts on “B is for…

  1. Poor little Casey! I hope he heals quickly. I also hope your day got better. I’m off to read your next letter so maybe I’ll find out! 🙂

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