Oh dear Lord…

Where in the heck did I pick up Mono from? The doctor called me this morning and said that I did test positive for mono! I’m going to be sick for weeks now! I tried to eat some chocolate this morning and it made me so sick to my stomach that I felt like vomiting (but I didn’t–I just felt like I could)! I’m not used to being so ill.

I was a sick child growing up. My mother claimed I was never sick, but my aunts said that every time they saw me, I was sick with something. I have been a relatively healthy adult and whammy! Rob picks up this and brings it home! I feel extremely tired, but I have to pack Rob for the field. He leaves tomorrow morning. Poor guy. He’s as me. I hope he feels better soon!

Well, I think I’m gonna go for now, I’m feeling like crapola and I need to finish cleaning the living room and get the laundry folded.

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