SuperBowl Sunday :)

Yesterday, Rob and I watched Groundhogs Day with Bill Murray. It was appropriate because yesterday was Groundhogs day! Haha! I hadn’t heard the news, but I just found out that the US is doomed for another 6 weeks of winter. Sorry for you guys, I know that you’ve been hit pretty hard this year, but not as hard as last year. Here in Germany, it actually frosted over. It had to have been the coldest night in Germany in 2 years! Seriously, it hasn’t snowed in 2 years. There had been talk that it was supposed to snow this weekend, but I have seen no signs of snow and for the first time in months, the sky is blue!

I’m starting to work on the blanket that I’m making for one of the babies that is supposed to be born in April. Hopefully, I’ll have it finished by the end of the week. I’m still waiting to see if they stuff I ordered online will be here next week. I ordered tons of yarn. It was on sale. 🙂 The stuff I bought for my friend’s baby was kind of expensive and it cost me almost as much for the yarn for the baby blanket that it cost me to order 24 balls and that includes shipping charges!

I’m waiting on blood results to see if I have mono, but the doctor said that I probably do have it, based on my symptoms.

Today is the Super Bowl and we’re going to watch it. It comes on here at midnight. Everything here is closed tomorrow morning and many more places are closed on Mondays anyway. The only thing open are the banks, the Shopette, Subway and Taco Bell. Rob’s unit doesn’t have to go to work tomorrow because they are making up for the 4-day weekend that they lost last week.

Currently, Rob is playing The Witcher. Rob’s unit is going to Normandy over Valentine’s Day weekend for a re-enlistment ceremony and I’ve been invited to go 🙂 I’m really excited. Rob asked me to write the presentation of the history of Normandy. That’s my European War Specialty! When I studied Nazi Germany history from Dr. Wall, he required a paper on the D-Day invasion. I read the book, “The Longest Day” and while I completed the assignment, Dr. Wall said, “Human interest stories are all well and good, but aren’t you even going to mention that Normandy was the largest successful amphibious assault to date?” C- 😦 I was allowed to re-write the paper and the two grades we averaged together and I received a B. It was one of the toughest classes I’ve ever taken, but I probably learned the most out of it. Who knew that I would be living in Germany? So, anyway, I’m really happy that!

Well, there are no other updates for now. Thanks for reading and have a great day 🙂

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