Rollercoaster of a week

Well, it is a good feeling to know that the month is just about over and an even better feeling knowing that the busiest time for us has past (at least from where I’m sitting!)

Next week promises to busy as well, but it shouldn’t be as busy as it was last week. The FRG meeting is over and it went well. I was surprised to see as many people as I did. Hopefully, we’ll see even more people next meeting. Rob is on the phone and since he’s talking, I figured I could update you.

Last night after the hail and farewell was over, we went to go play pool with a friend of mine who is leaving tomorrow morning. She’s getting out of the Army in a few months, but she’s on terminal leave now. She’s out processed from the Army as of a couple of days ago. I know she feels pretty good about that.

I was able to get my story published in the local newspaper and the online version can be found here: Herald Union My stories are located on page 20! I’m so happy! I’m finally on my way 🙂

Well, I am going to go for now. I want to finish watching the rest of Season 2 of Weeds. What a great show. Rent it at Netflix if you’re curious about it. It’s got interesting story lines!

TTFN and thanks for reading!

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