The Prodigal Cat

Yes, you read that correctly! My cat has returned home. She looks mangy–covered in dirt from head to tail and she’s most definitely lost some weight. She’s so light and no more hangy belly. She’s been gone almost 13 days. I don’t know what she was living off of while she was gone, but apparently not a lot. She allowed me to pick her up and bring her inside the house. She darted straight for the food bowl and I gave her some wet food (which is kind of like killing the fatted calf…LOL). She ate the food so quickly, I doubt she tasted it. I have no idea where she could have been, I’ve gone out everyday shaking her treats and calling her name and I never found her. She came back home of her own free will and probably out of hunger and exhaustion. Yeah, my cat is home! I want to throw her a party, but I think I’ll just love on her for a while!

Thanks for reading!

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