Day 1

I quit smoking today. I haven’t smoked the entire day, even though I’d like to. I proud of myself, but at the same time, I’m a little miserable. But, I do have to say, I’m not as bad this time as I was last May, when I quit. That was absolutely horrible last year. I couldn’t not think about it and even though it was a little bit of bragging, it was still pretty painful. This time is a little hard. Right when I think that this is where I would go smoke a cigarette, I pop in a piece of gum. I’ve been chewing gum incessantly today. Before, it was just after meal times, but the last couple of times I’ve quit, I’ve needed the gum almost the entire day. I don’t normally chew gum. It’ll be like a week and I won’t need it anymore, which is a good thing.

Anyway, the cat won’t stop crying to go outside and the dog can’t decide where he wants to lay down, and Gizmo is normal, laying on the perch chillin’. I can’t think of what to write down

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