Just to get my thoughts out

Today, I don’t really have a whole lot to talk about, but I did want to get some thoughts out in a blog…just to get out! Anyway, the neighborhood is quiet today and the kids aren’t out too much because of the rain. Krystal and her son David came over today to see if Casey could have a play-date. It was so cute! David really loves that puppy! Krystal asked me this afternoon about the litter of puppies that we had heard about from the German vet and he is going to get more information for me and I shall call him back tomorrow to get more information. How exciting!

MythBusters is on TV right now and David Letterman is on another channel. I’m not really interested in that right now. I’ve got laundry strewn all over this house and Rob leaves for the field sometime this week. I really need to get this house in order. I can’t have people in this house the way it looks right now.

What am I going to fix for supper tonight? I could have chicken, but it’s frozen. Perhaps I’ll do a stir-fry or something. I need to give Rob a break–he’s been working so hard lately.

Gizmo and Casey were wrestling today and it was SO cute to watch, too bad that I didn’t get it on film…Gizmo was on the bottom and Casey had pinned him down.

Life is pretty good today. Hum, what to write about…Let’s check the news and see if I have any opinions about stuff that’s going on…


This is a story about how cities were trying to get city-wide Wi-Fi access for free.

This is a great idea, but it’s really too bad that it can’t be done…That would be quite and undertaking though. Can you imagine going to every single US city and getting free Wi-Fi access? If that’s the case, then why would people buy it for their homes, if you could get it for free somewhere? Well, Perhaps users that want to have access outside of their homes and businesses should pick up the tab and then when you are roaming outside your home, you can use a log-in that is specific to the Wi-Fi available, kind of like what cell-phone companies do to allow access to the network via the users phone. The infomation is stored on the sim card and the phone companies know how you’re using your phone.

It’s interesting because this brings to mind the fact that I have a foreign IP address and I can’t access certain things because I’m in Germany and it’s only available to US residents. Netflix, for example, offers 17 hours of free online viewing–that is, for US residents only. What I think is that there could be a log-in at that site and a verification process as long as you have a .mil address and are stationed overseas to have the opportunity view these things online. I can’t even get on FOX or CBS or NBC who frequently have the shows available to watch online, but not at foreign IP addresses. Why can’t they just do that for us? I would love to write to them and ask if they could do that. They frequently donate shows to AFN or sell it at a very low cost, so I don’t know why they wouldn’t be able to do the way that I suggest…

In other news:

President Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq yesterday, his thrid since he’s been in office. Apparently, if progress keeps going like it is now, there might be a reduction in forces, but he gave no indication of how many troops would be going home or when the reduction might take place.

This is pretty interesting. The surge of the troops was only supposed to be temporary anyway, based on the timeline that Congress was trying to place on the funding bill. In addition, the Secretary of Defense, Gates said that all troops have to spend 15 months in theater with a year of dwelltime.

I know several women whose husbands got extended while they were in Iraq. The families are tired of the deployments and Americans in general are getting tired of the war. It’s funny though, a few months ago a study came out and said that families that have been through deployments were more likely to have a successful marriage than those who don’t–Air Force being the exception…that is to say that the rate of deployment had a positive affect on the divorce rate–the longer the trooper was deployed the less likely the couple will get divorced. There were 2 exceptions: Army officer marriages and any rank in the Air Force. I thought it was interesting. I found the text at http://myarmylifetoo.com/. I blogged about it on myspace.com but I don’t remember how far back I did it, so I can’t refer to it.

Anyway, I think this is enough for today. Have a great one and thanks for reading. 🙂

One thought on “Just to get my thoughts out

  1. Ben and Krystal says:

    So I have a moment to check out your blog, and here I am mentioned. Yea, I feel special! Seriously, don’t be surprised if Casey ends up missing with a ransom note in David’s handwriting. He loves that dog!

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