It occurs to me today, how much I going to miss the “ese”. You know, the secret language of your kids that you have to translate for outsiders. I’m not going to be the translator, anymore. 

V1 has a word for cut. It’s “ripped”. Like when you rip a piece of paper. She also tells people she’s Ceerah (Cinderella). And sometimes, she’ll courtesy instead of saying hello. And she does it at the store. I always have to translate to the strangers. But, I’m going to miss the transformations. 

And V2 will start needing to be translated. I’m going to miss out on that… 

And the realization of this makes me sad. 

Speaking of sad, v1 has been trying on different emotions lately. I’m sad or I’m mad. She doesn’t fully grasp them yet, but she’s getting closer to the mark everyday. 

Still, thank god for Skype. We plan to integrate this into family meal time. I’ll be an hour behind them, but for 30 minutes (or longer if need be) I’ll get to have dinner with my kids. 

15 months. It’s ONLY 15 months. And I get breaks. 

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