Tugs at your heartstrings

heart-made-of-heartsMy kids are way too cute.  And today, they have been WAY too cute.

V1 was checking our heart with her stethoscope, took our temps and proceeded to give us our shots saying, “It doesn’t hurt!”  Nope, it sure doesn’t.  I love it when she plays Dr/Nurse with us.  I don’t know which one she’s playing, but it doesn’t really matter.

V2 wanted to nursy to sleep tonight, as she always does, but she fell asleep a full hour early.  She was naked to her diaper, for no real reason.  I took off her jammies and she didn’t act like she wanted me to put clothes on her.  She alerted me several times to the fact that she needed a new diaper and is even making signs that she’s getting close to potty training.  Can’t get the girl to walk, but she wants to go potty in the toilet.  Breaks your heart!

V1 then broke a glass accidently, and got very scared.  We took care of the mess and got it all cleaned up.  She asked for a snack and she tried to get her “honey” out by herself.  Honey in her world means jelly.  But we don’t correct her. 😀  She got out the bread yeast.  Haha.  I went to put it back and in the process, the door shelf fell off.  I shouted at her to get out of the fridge, she said, “I’m sorry mom.  I’m just trying to help you clean it up.  I’m sorry mom.” to which, my heart exploded.  I’m sorry baby.  I didn’t mean to yell.  I was just frustrated at the refrigerator.  I know you were only trying to help.

Now, fingers crossed, she stays quiet and doesn’t wake up V2… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t wake up V2.

Also, I started my certified background check for nursing school today after I saw that I had been registered for classes.  17 credit hours.  During the summer session.  Summer session is 8 weeks.  4 of the classes are 4 weeks long and 3 are 8 weeks long.  At least I have Thursdays off.  I will have to go someplace to have my drug test done and tomorrow I will be getting my 2nd Hep B vaccination.  I will need to get a hold of my titers and vaccinations that I received.  Oh boy.  This is getting real.  Too real.  And it’s pulling at my heart even more.  Soon, my kids antics will only be recent and distant memories.  I will get to see them on Skype and Facetime in the evenings during dinner.  They will be starting school and a whole new world will be theirs and I will only be able to experience it from a distance.  It just tugs at your heartstrings.  I love my kids with all my heart and I am going to miss them more than words.440e6e90b6febd66846b6c4d7a6f9997

This will be worth it.