v1 & 2 had a really great Easter. They got little baskets from the bunny and he hid the eggs they colored yesterday. I had hoped to get the girls to the zoo today, but it was cold and didn’t warm up too much. Sure, there are plenty of buildings to walk around in and to look at. But we do those a lot and v1 seems to be getting a little bored of the same old same old. 


These are their eggs and the next one is of their baskets!


Now V1 really loves the spring flowers, so when she saw this blossoming tree, she was in absolute awe of it! I adore looking at the world through her little eyes!


Look at that HAIR! It goes about halfway down her back. There is a pretty big rats’ nest there that you can’t see, but we spent a good bit of this morning brushing out. Even with a detangler, it still wasn’t easy. I developed a tough scalp after my mother who probably wasn’t gentle about de-nesting my locks as a kid…we’re just going to have to brush her hair more often. Comes with having long hair…

Nothing else really going on to speak of right now. V2 is asleep and v1 isn’t far behind. 

Hope you had a nice Easter!

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