Journey to next week’s exams or the start of the donor cycle

I come back to school next week with three exams to look forward to.  Hum, look forward to?  I’m not sure about that, but will be glad when they’re done.  I kind of have myself into a little routine for my weekly exams in pathopsy, but completely unprepared for the next two which are both on Thursday.  Professors are cruel beings.

Update on my donor.  We had to get a different one because the first one freaked out and decided not to go through with it.  In a way, I’m glad that she decided she didn’t want to do it when she did and start the meds and THEN decide that she doesn’t want to be a donor after all.  My hubs and I found a new girl and she seems very excited about the process.  She’s got three kids and a husband.  Got a call from the agency and she went in for her day 3′s and had an ultrasound which made us very hopeful.  Will try and call my RE and see if they can let me know how the blood work came out and when she goes in for her FDA blood work.

In just a couple of months, hopefully, there will be teeny tiny embryos to implant!  It’s all very exciting.  Just wanted to give you a quick update!

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