Journey to Transfer

Well, it’s going to happen.  And happen soon.  We are now on donor #4 and she is starting to take her medications and I am going to start putting on my patches pretty soon.  Transfer will be the week of June 13th.  I’m pretty excited, but nervous at the same time.  It will most likely be on that following Saturday, but can’t say for sure until we get closer to that time.  Based on past experience, she will have the retrieval on Monday the 13th.

Well, anyway, probably need to get some stuff done around here and get busy studying.  Trying to enjoy my day off as much as possible!

Journey through Nursing School

Well, it’s official!  I started Nursing school this past week.  Didn’t do a whole lot, just got through orientation.  Start classes on Monday!  Hubby’s home for RnR.  Too bad I won’t be able to spend a whole lot of time with him while he’s here.  We’ve already lost 2 days due to orientation and I have to study all weekend.  He’s being really good to me.  Fixing stuffed bell peppers…yummy!  One of my favorite meals!

Well, I’m off to finish some math/conversion problems and start reading the next three chapters.  Perhaps I’ll be pretty close to done today so I can spend tomorrow with the hubby!