>Journey to the Donor Cycle

>Well, my husband and I have selected a donor and we’ve done most of the legal things that need to be completed.  There are just a couple of more things that we need to get emailed and then we’re set for a bit.

Our donor will stop her birth control pills this week and  in about 30 days, she’ll go in for genetic testing and hormone level checks.  After that, the following month, we will start the cycle.  I’m a little excited for this.

My husband will be home for mid-tour leave in May and by that time, I should be pregnant.  He might even be home to find out the results with me!  That would be pretty neat!  🙂

Back to school and aced the 1st Pathophys exam on Tuesday.  I couldn’t, to this point, say that I’ve ever aced an exam before!  I lost my confidence last semester, but I think I’m getting it back now.

Everything is going really fast in school right now; I’m not sure I can keep up with everything!  Gotta stay on top of things, that’s the important thing…

My to do list for the next week:

  1. Study for Pathophys exam #2 for Tues
  2. Homework for Genetics
  3. Lab report for Anatomy Lab
  4. Homework for Med. Terminology
  5. Start working on my journal for Micro

Not to mention that I need to clean my house.  My kitchen table has become the dumping ground for all sorts of things and I have no place to sit in the kitchen.  My kitchen counters have become the place for books, papers and old shoes.  I have laundry that desperately needs to be washed, although, I do have an awful lot of clothes.  I need a plan…I don’t even a have a “pl”

I think it’s about time that I close my facebook, turn off the TV and get to work…I think that’s what I’m going to do…

>Journey to NSG Pathophysiology

>So, I ended up dropping one of my required course last semester due to a personality conflict between the instructor and myself.  As it turns out, it was a pre-req for another pre-req class and I can not start the nursing program without all of the pre-reqs and the instructor won’t allow me to take the class without having completed all of the pre-reqs for the course.  I am in the process of pleading my case, but because of the snow storm yesterday, no one was available to take my inquiry.  Hopefully, the roads will be better tomorrow and I can start hammering this thing out.  As of right now, I won’t be able to take the class which means that my acceptance into the program is in jeopardy.  I am a planner.  I like knowing what the next step is and I become very anxious if I don’t.  I am still waiting to hear from the professor via email.  She has an office, but doesn’t work from there and said the best way to reach her is via email.  Ugh!

Let you know how it turns out… :/

>Journey to the 1st day of classes

>So, the next semester starts up on the 17th.  I am basically ready to go.  I am already studying for my upcoming courses, not necessarily looking forward to all the memorization that is going to take place this semester, but I guess that’s just part of the experience.

Update on my fertility treatments:  I had an IUI done in Oct 2010 which failed and December went in thinking that I was going to have an IVF cycle.  Well, that was canceled and was switched to an IUI, which also failed.  I have got a donor already and we’ll see if that works.  If not, I’m not playing around.  A friend of mine offered to be my surrogate, if we need to go down that road.  I really hope that it doesn’t come down to it.  I really want to be pregnant.  But, the end result is still the same–I will be a mother, or that is the hope anyway!

Well, nothing more to update.