>Journey to the 1st day of classes

>So, the next semester starts up on the 17th.  I am basically ready to go.  I am already studying for my upcoming courses, not necessarily looking forward to all the memorization that is going to take place this semester, but I guess that’s just part of the experience.

Update on my fertility treatments:  I had an IUI done in Oct 2010 which failed and December went in thinking that I was going to have an IVF cycle.  Well, that was canceled and was switched to an IUI, which also failed.  I have got a donor already and we’ll see if that works.  If not, I’m not playing around.  A friend of mine offered to be my surrogate, if we need to go down that road.  I really hope that it doesn’t come down to it.  I really want to be pregnant.  But, the end result is still the same–I will be a mother, or that is the hope anyway!

Well, nothing more to update.

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