>Journey to the 1st Exam (reprise)

>Hahaha!  They fooled me again!  Actually, the last post I mentioned that I had an absent professor due to serious illness and he is on a leave of absence right now.  We have the 2nd string professor (self-proclaimed).  We aren’t having THAT particular exam…that’s right folks, chapters 1-4 for my psych class has been canceled.   The autobiography assignment is going to have a different approach taken to it, altogether.  We’ll see how that goes…

But, rest assured, there will be another exam…right around the corner.  Yes, I in fact have 2 exams and a paper due next Tuesday, which will be my first exam(s) of the semester.

Today, I turned in my application for the Nursing program and so, now I wait.  That ought to be interesting…I hate waiting.  But that’s okay…

Would write more, but I have exams to prepare for, 2 homework assignments and a paper to write…

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