>Journey to the 1st exam

>My first exam…I’m not actually entirely sure which one it’ll be…my psych professor called out sick today.  We were supposed to have an exam on Friday over chapters 1-4.  On Monday, we won’t have a lecture.  We are taking the Myer-Briggs personality test.  Wednesday will be our first actual lecture.  Monday and Wednesday last week were introductions to the class and the syllabus.  So, I’m not entirely sure we *will* have an exam on Friday.  But, I’m not going to bet that there WON’T be one, so I need to be prepared for it anyway…

If we don’t end up with an exam on Friday, I know that I’ll have one the following Tuesday in Microbiology over chapters 1-5. 

I decided to take the evening off to play on the computer.  I’m absolutely pooped after my workout today.  I actually ran on the treadmill for 15 full minutes.  I tried to do 16.5, but I just couldn’t breathe anymore.  I’ll get more stamina as I continue to do it.

I’m quitting smoking on Monday.  That should make it easier to try and study…(read sarcasm here)…

Must sleep now.

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