>The journey to Pueblo

>Daily, I drive from Fountain to Pueblo where I attend Colorado State University-Pueblo in pursuit of my BSN.  Every morning, I get up, get showered and dressed and roll out to 7-11 where I get my coffee fix.  I could (and probably should) make coffee at home.  I then battle traffic going to the local high school and the Soldiers making their way to first formation (Physical Training) on a road that has been under construction as long as I’ve lived in this neighborhood.  I make a very boring 30 mile drive.  I go to classes, hang out with new friends, study a bit and then I make the same drive I made some 8 hours before, except I fight with traffic coming out of the base and the teachers leaving the school.

I will be doing this day in and day out for the next 14 weeks.  I don’t get Labor day off, but I get a full week off at Thanksgiving.  That’s a new one…

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