Still around

Hi all!  Sorry that I haven’t been updating all that often.  With Rob in the field and and the puppy, things are a bit hectic for me.  Codiak’s been sick since yesterday morning and we had to make an emergency visit to the vet this afternoon.  He got two shots and some medication that I have to give to him twice a day until it’s gone.  Codiak’s a walking stomach, so I assume that he ate something that his sensitive tummy couldn’t handle.  I caught him today scratching in the dirt and he found Gizmo’s cathole…and Casey’s not ill, so it’s not something that’s contagious!

Anyway, there’s not much else going on here.  I’m watching season 2 of the Simpson’s and I’m actually getting ready to go to bed, but I’d like to sleep in a tad tomorrow morning (we all know that THAT’S not going to happen, but I’m allowed to dream!)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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