I had THE best conversation tonight with my friend.  Oh my goodness, how I’ve missed her.  She’s a no-hold’s bar kind of lady and she’s pretty much told me what she thought that I should do career-wise.  I’m so not saying, because I’m not sure that it’s that far from my reach.  It’s something that I want to consider but so way out of left field that you’d wonder where it came from.  So until I get more information, I’m not saying one way or the other–only that I’m going to take her opinion into strong consideration.

From an insider point of view it might seem ironic, but oh well.  It just might be a means to an end, so it’s worth looking into.

She also mentioned something that I didn’t consider about other possibilities, career-wise and she makes a great case.  Why she became a Social Worker and not an attorney, I’ll never know–oh, wait, yeah, I remember…lol!

So, the first night and day went very well.  Can’t get her step-mom out of my kitchen to save my life, but I can’t tell her no.  And anyway, she just L.O.V.E.S. my kitchen and I knew she would!  Everyone loves it!l

Casey has done so well with the new cat in the house.  The cat has done so well with the dog, but Gizmo has not done so well with the new addition, but the new addition is so sweet that he tries to make friends with Gizmo, but understands the limits, even though he won’t make a move in Gizmo’s presence.  Elric WANTS to be friends, but Gizmo may very well be set in his ways.  I don’t know how he’ll handle the arrival of Codiak.  That worries me a bit.  I have no idea if that made any sense at all…but I understand it completely.

Well, tomorrow is going to be a long day.  We’ve got a Battery Picnic and AFTB Level 1, part 1 (Army Family Team Building) starting super early and of course that means I have to be up SUPER early!  Afterwards, we have the Battalion Steering Committee meeting.  Joy.  I don’t know what we’re steering, but, whatever…

Thanks for reading.  More updates later.