Sunday Drive

Today, we went to the commissary like we do on every Sunday.  Only today, it was different.  We went to eat at Popeye’s, which we almost never do. The food there is SO greasy.  But we had a different meal.  Then, we went shopping for groceries.

It took us 2 hours to do!  So, then, we headed home.  And it took us 2 hours to get home–and we have a GPS.  Yes, we’ve lived in this house long enough to know how to get home without the GPS, but there was something going on, on our street and it was completely shut down in all routes coming back to our house except for one and it took us all afternoon to find our way home!  It was unbelievable.

Rob is outside cleaning the inside of the car and there are big, angry storm clouds on the horizon.  I have to finish up cleaning this house, which shouldn’t be too much trouble.  The living room still needs to be finished and a few boxes still need to go upstairs for storage.  Laundry still needs to get finished, but thankfully, there are only 4 or 5 loads left to do.  My washer is so small that I can only do a half a load at a time.  It’s a bit annoying.  Not to mention the fact that it takes over an hour to do one load.  If I used hot or warm water at all to wash clothes, it would take about 3 hours to do a load.  I just don’t have that kind of time, if you know what I mean!

It’s getting there, slowly, but surely.  Tomorrow is most certainly going to be a busy day for me!  ACK!

My poor hubby, he’s been so tolerant with me.  I’ve been a bit moody all day long and he’s handled me surprisingly well today.  I can barely tolerate me right now, I don’t know how he does it!

Well, that’s all I got for now.  I think he wants to go to the little restaurant at the top of the hill for dinner tonight, but I don’t know since it’s already 8:30.  Seems kinda late to go out to eat, especially since we both have to get up incredibly early tomorrow morning.  No rest for the weary, right?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Drive

  1. Hi! Thanks for the e-mail. It was really a surprise to me! Anyways, with this post, I tried to imagine myself and I really cannot. Your such a committed housekeeper! Impressive! And to your husband? He just love you that much that’s why he understood your mood. Well, HAPPY BIG FAMILY soon. GOD BLESS!

  2. Oh MY! It was the weekend for GPS driving! I was trying to navigate my way through Chciago (with GPS) and I kept missing turns. never mind that Lollapalooza was going on (Post to come)

    That night I had a dream that I wsa walking and I couldn’t navigate to where I wanted to go! LOL!!

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