The last day of April

Well, here it is April 30.  Tomorrow is May Day.  In Germany, the kids go around the neighborhoods and ring doorbells for candy and hide stuff that is out.  I didn’t get any candy.  Oh well.  Guess I’m going to have to put trashcans and doormats away for the evening.  Tomorrow, everything is closed.  It’s a German Holiday, but I’m not sure what they celebrate.

In the US, we have May Day, too.  When I was in high school, we went to nursing homes and brought baskets and stuff.  I’m not sure if people still do that.  I’m not even entirely sure what May Day is, except it’s the first day of May.

It was shaping up to be a beautiful day, but the dark grey clouds have rolled in.  It’s not supposed to rain today, but the high temperature was only supposed to be 56 degrees.  It’s 58 right now at 10 in the morning.  It seemed warmer than that when I took Casey outside this morning!

I went to bed awfully late last night…around 1:30 in the morning.  Casey was giving Gizmo a free bath and that’s how I wok up at 9.

There’s still a lot to do to get this house cleaned.  I have no energy for it right now.  Soon, I will get my butt into gear and finish what I can today.

This weekend, I need to get curtains for this house.  The ones that we bought when we were in Hanau are too long.  Rob suggested that I re-hem them, but I’m not a seamstress!  I have a teee-ny tiny machine which I’m not even sure where it’s at right at the moment!

Well, tomorrow is a new month and a new challenge was extended.  I did blog about it.  I talked to Rob–he’s so smart and clever.  He said that Voices is actually EASIER than Letters.  We’ll see about that.

I don’t think that I’ll be blogging in my normal style next month, but I will do update blogs in addition to Voices.  I hope that you will find it interesting!

Alrighty then, I guess I better get moving if I’m ever going to get anything done (yes, I’m procrastinating a little bit!  It’s the way I roll! Haha!)

Well, thanks for reading and have a nice day 🙂

3 thoughts on “The last day of April

  1. Thanks for the linky love!

    When we were kids, My sister and I would make paper may baskets and fill it with grass, violets and probably Dandelions. We’d leave them on our neighnors doorstep, ring the bell and run!

    I’m not planning on NabloPoMoing for May, but this was fun and challenging.

  2. textyladies says:

    Hi Amber!

    I always enjoyed “surprising” my mother on May Day each year with a basked filled with flowers. Just like your commenter, I’d hang it on her doorstep, ring the bell and run like crazy! It was always a tickle that she played along. I always enjoy reading your posts. Keep ’em coming!

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