E is for…

E is for energy. This is something I have little of today. Casey had his surgery yesterday, and you’d think that he would have less, but no-sirrreee-bob! After more than 4 hours traveling with me from the vet home, he would be more tired–but he’s not. He finally fell asleep on my lap! Thank goodness too!

His leg is completely bandaged and it looks as though he has no leg, only a stump. I’ve gotten a lot of sympathetic looks and I’ve had a few conversations (in German!) about other people’s pets.

E is also for Egypt. While on the train to pick up Casey, I met an Egyptian woman and her son. I explained to her that I wanted to go to Egypt! She told me that I should go in the fall because it wouldn’t be so hot. She studied English in school; mainly classic literature and so on…she said she hasn’t used English in a very long time. Our conversation was mostly in German!

Anyway, Casey’s getting restless. I need to go. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Casey and I made it home safe and sound.  I took a cab from the train station because it’s hard to carry 15 lbs of dead weight on your arm.  The first thing I did was put Casey in his kennel.  I went to see if the cat still had food and I expected him to bark.  He whined a little bit, but stopped quickly.  I gave him his pills and he laid down.  He had an accident in the kennel, so I put him on the couch so I could clean up the kennel.

After all that, he finally laid down and slept for several hours.  I woke him up so that he could go to the bathroom.  After I tried holding him, I realized that was easier said than done.  We went back in to get his leash and kept it very tight and short.  After about 10 minutes he finally went.  After we came back in, he decided he was hungry and ate quite a bit.  I presented him water, but he’s not interested in it.

Now, he’s growling a little bit, trying not to bark and I don’t know if that means what I think it means.  It took a really long time for him to do #1…how long will #2 take?

So, I’m going to sign off and hope that this doesn’t take too long so that I can get some sleep, I’m so exhausted!

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