Dear Casey,

You drive me crazy and you bark too much, sometimes.  I know that you want Gizmo to play with you, but he’s a cat and youre a dog and that’s not normal.  Sometimes he plays with you, but not normally!

I hate it when you bark incessantly and I wish you’d stop.

I do love you, though.  You’re a good dog and I’m glad I have you!

Love, Mommy!

One thought on “Dear Casey,

  1. Hi, Amber! This post made me smile. 🙂 I wanted to thank you for adding my blog to your “Interesting Blogs”. I, too, have added a link to your blog on my LiveJournal blog. I wanted to say you’re very talented at crocheting. I tried but I’m afraid it’s hopeless. 😉 Take care.

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