New Printer

Well, if you’ve read my previous post, you’d know that my printer pooped out on me. So, Rob and I drug ourselves to the PX and we were considering the same printer that broke, but then we looked at the next printer up, which was the Epson CX8400. It was $100 and the other printer I was looking at was is the one pictured…as you might have guessed, we ended up with the pictured printer. So far, this seems like a good printer. It’s a little bit more complicated, but I think it’s a better printer. It better be for the extra $100 it cost us.

Rob’s decided that we are not to go to send out to print our pictures anymore and fully expects me to print them out from now on. The package that includes 150 sheets of paper and ink is only $35-not too shabby, actually! It is a better value than buying the Epson inks.

I’ve always had good luck with the HP printers!!! So, we’ll see! Wish me luck!!

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